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Being Always Infinite

Multitude Multiverse of what I am but an i, This is the moment of my manifestation in thy eye, It starts with me at a vibration of a sigh, And may reach the end of the world, which is by the by, Just another center of the Universe like, Of that center i am but an I and it may also be a sophomoric fly, More than the speed of light it will reach your I, It may not matter and we may cease to wonder why, But what I thought and what You got can’t be a lie, Like two bulbs light up, separated by space, may seem like a coincidence to someone watching us spark, But the One watching us smiles in understanding of our try, To vibrate at the same frequency that transcends our inability to see beyond the constraints of space of time and of us asking the question why, so let me try, not to reach you, But with the knowing that what else is there to do. Always Infinite a way to be me and be sure to be better than before because this is the first moment of the rest of my try.

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